StOp, sToP – Lost In The UK

Hallo Rocker!

Natürlich konnte unser Rock-Adventskalender die Jungs von StOp, sToP nicht außer Acht lassen! Ich freue mich sehr, dass Jacob sich die Zeit nahm, um exklusiv für COMEBACKSTAGE die Story hinter Lost In The UK zu verraten. Das 10. Türchen geht also für Euch in Birmingham auf…


From all the way down Barcelona
We headed straight up to the U.K.

Back in 2011 we left everything behind in Barcelona (jobs, girlfriends, houses, family and friends, everything!) to buy a van with all the money we had left and just moved to the U.K. with a few gigs booked and one dream, nothing else, no place to stay, nobody knew our band and we didn’t know anybody there, just a desperate rocking desire.

We left our friends in Rocka-Rolla

Rocka-Rolla was my favourite rock bar in Barcelona and our good friends from that bar were following our adventure. Also, that bar was the first ever pub that played our music, now it doesn’t exist anymore.

And others pissed off but that’s ok!

You’ll always find people that doesn’t like what you’re doing and specially when you’re doing good…so do whatever you want and never give a shit about what the others think or say.

-Paella instead of baked beans

And it could be the paradise of our rocking dreams

When we first came to the U.K. it was really hard to eat good food, we were living in the van and having tough times, no money so we just brought some canned vegetables and pasta with us, we used to cook right in the street with our camping gas, we really were craving for a good paella and every now and then we were offered some food at some pubs (good or bad it was much appreciated), which often was baked beans, well, we still don’t dig that shit at all, haha! We were free living our dream but it was missing a little of good Spanish food and back then it would have been just like paradise if we had it, we were actually starving some nights…

*Hola! Que tal?

Two for the show we are ready to fight

Y tú? Nada mal!

This country rocks and the feeling’s right

Everything is alright!

“Hola! Que Tal?”… were the usual 2 minutes phone calls we used to have with family and friends before our shows back then, this song chorus sums up pretty much the excitement when we explained to our families and friends all about this place and all about what we were living on our adventure here in the U.K. even if we were living in the van everything was so much easier than in our hometown, people understood our music that well that everybody started supporting and helping us a lot really early so the feeling was alright and we could finally run free living the dream.

We found ourselves in a Rebel Lust

Girls are going crazy in this lovely place

Living in a van we nearly bit the dust

No matter ‘cause we still hiding an Ace

We actually found ourselves with the help from a band called “Rebel Lust” which StOp,sToP! played loads of gigs with and which their frontman “Acey” helped us a lot with everything, even gave us a place to stay when weather got serious and snowed like crazy over December/November 2011 so he offered us a warm shelter and hot food. We were lost but with great company indeed!

Sometimes high and sometimes low

Easy comes and easy goes

This is the way if you wanna rock’n’roll! Yeah, yeah, yeah!!

This last bit is so rock and roll, some nights we played in front of 5 in the crowd in a shit hole and sometimes we got lucky and played for a full house in the middle of nowhere all packed with kids that thought we were big stars or so, haha, that’s it, one night is the best of your life and the next one is just rubbish but if you live for rock and roll you just enjoy all of them.


StOp, sToP habe ich letztes Jahr beim H.E.A.T Festival in Ludwigsburg kennengelernt und wie es so ist – wenn man südländisches Blut hat ist man direkt auf einer Wellenlänge. Wir hatten ein tolles Interview und eine Menge Spaß, aber überzeugt Euch doch einfach selbst davon direkt HIER.


Nächstes Jahr sind sie auch wieder auf Tour, checkt einfach immer Mal wieder ihre Homepage oder Facebookseite.

Eure Ornella.
Long live Rock’n’Roll!

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