Michael Sadler Interview ROCK MEETS CLASSIC

Hallo Rocker!

Ich hatte Euch ja letztens erzählt, dass ich Mat Sinner zum Interview zu ROCK MEETS CLASSIC getroffen hatte… Nun, an diesem Abend war Michael Sadler von SAGA auch da, und da haben wir kurzerhand entschlossen, ein spontanes Interview zu machen. Er ist einfach ein super sympathischer Typ!

Dieses Jahr ist auch er mit SAGA Teil von der neunten Edition von ROCK MEETS CLASSIC. Brandneu: Das ROCK MEETS CLASSIC Projekt hat inzwischen sogar ein eigenes Orchester, wie uns Mat Sinner hier verraten hat.

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Hi Michael, thanks so much for this spontaneous Interview!

Michael Sadler:
My pleasure!

Tell me how you got to join the ROCK MEETS CLASSIC project.

Michael Sadler:
I was in the middle of a tour called Excalibur, last December. At rehearsals Manfred Hertlein approached me and asked to join the ROCK MEETS CLASSIC project. He said that it could be an interesting thing for me, and it sure was! Then I had a meeting with Mat Sinner in Stuttgart before the Excalibur show. We talked about the project and the songs he wanted me to perform if I was interested. It took about ten seconds and I sad yes of course. (smiles) The chance for a singer to sing with an orchestra, almost 90% of them will say yes. It’s a wonderful feeling to have the power of an orchestra behind you, instead of only having the power of the volume of a rock band. The organic nature of an orchestra is something really special. Any singer who will ever get the chance to do it, will say yes.

What are you most looking forward to being on tour with these guys?

Michael Sadler:
Catering. (laughs) I think it’s probably going to be better than normal. (laughs) I’m looking forward to experience this feeling of being one big family. Everyone is there for the sake of the show. It’s not only about you walking on that stage. You are there to enhance the show. You’re secondary to the whole. And I just had the feeling that it’s gonna be the all for one and one for all thing. One big happy family, as I said, and everyone feels good at the end of the show knowing that everyone gave their best and that the show came off really well. (smiles) I think that’s what’s going to happen.

So there are this classic musicians on the one side and the wild rockstars on the other side. Is it a big difference – are there some funny or awkward moments? (smiles)

Michael Sadler:
I think people would be surprised about how non-reserved orchestra people can be. (laughs) Once the work is done, everyone becomes themselves. There’s a conception that people who play classical music are super-reserved and conservative. But that’s not really the case. (laughs) Everyone likes to have wine after the show.

How will you guys be on tour? All stuck in busses or how can I imagine that to be?

Michael Sadler:
As far as I know, the orchestra will be on one or two vehicles, the featuring performers on another and the band on one or two…

So it feels good to be on the road again soon?

Michael Sadler:
Ahhh… There are elements of being on the road that I’m not that much looking forward to… But it’s part of it too… Just the daily grind, things you miss about home… I would say being away from home is the hardest part. I live in the US…

Welcome back to Europe then! (smiles)

Michael Sadler:
Thank you – that’s my second home actually… Germany especially… I lived in Germany for almost eight years. Ich war ein Saarländer. Ich habe in Saarbrücken gelebt. I had Dibbelabbes almost every day. (laughs)

… and you were very close to France for the cheese, the amazing wine and the paté…

Michael Sadler:
There you go… That was great! (smiles)

Is there anything else you would like to add regarding ROCK MEETS CLASSIC? (smiles)

Michael Sadler:
I think everyone should come and experience this, and not just because I’m part of it this time. The idea of hearing this familiar rock songs in this kind of setting with an orchestra behind, especially the choruses,… It gets alive with the orchestra. The feeling that you get will be amazing. Along with the visuals and the stage set – it’s definitely something people should experience!

I’m so looking forward to it Michael! (smiles) Then thanks a lot for your time – the last words are yours!

Michael Sadler:
My pleasure! (smiles) Come and see ROCK MEETS CLASSIC if you know what’s good for you. (smiles)

Wenn Ihr Rocker jetzt auch richtig bock bekommen habt, Euch ROCK MEETS CLASSIC anzuschauen, habt Ihr ab April in ganz Europa die Möglichkeit dazu! Findet die Show in Eurer Nähe:

04.04.18 Passau – Dreiländerhalle

05.04.18 Ingolstadt – Saturn Arena

06.04.18 Würzburg – s. Oliver Arena

07.04.18 Nürnberg – Arena Nürnberger Versicherung

08.04.18 Kempten – bigBOX Allgäu

09.04.18 Zürich – Hallenstadion

11.04.18 Berlin – Tempodrom

12.04.18 Frankfurt am Main – Jahrhunderthalle

13.04.18 Basel – St. Jakobshalle

14.04.18 Regensburg – Donau-Arena

15.04.18 München – Olympiahalle

17.04.18 Ludwigsburg – MHPArena

18.04.18 Neu-Ulm – ratiopharm arena

19.04.18 Mannheim – Rosengarten

21.04.18 Praha 9 – Prag – O2 Arena

23.04.18 Kraków – Tauron Arena

24.04.18 Lodz – Atlas Arena

Lasst Euch diese tolle Veranstaltung nicht entgehen – und packt am besten die ganze Family mit ein! Diesmal mit dabei sind Francis Rossi von Status Quo, Nic Maeder und Leo Leoni von Gotthard, Michael Sadler von Saga, Eric Bazilian von The Hooters, und John Helliwell und Jesse Siebenberg von Supertramp. Tickets gibt’s HIER.

Eure Ornella.
Long live Rock’n’Roll!

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