Top 5 places to visit if you love rock music


Hey you rockers out there!

As you all know, I have the pleasure of working as a PR Manager for HolidayPirates  – known as Urlaubspiraten in Germany. My biggest passions are Rock music, travel and food. I’m super happy that I had the opportunity to bond two out of these three in an article about the TOP 5 PLACES TO VISIT IF YOU LOVE ROCK MUSIC, which I wrote for HolidayPirates! After pitching it to several journalists around the world, I couldn’t keep it back from you guys of course. So here we go!

Los Angeles, California

Everyone knows the stories about the wild nights of sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll, especially in the eighties. Most of them have their origin at the Sunset Boulevard as known as “The Sunset Strip” in Los Angeles. The Rainbow, the ROXY, The Whiskey A Go Go – all these bars have seen plenty of small and big rockstars become rich and famous, and fall down again. But most of all, these locations have seen bands starting from the scratch and becoming world’s biggest and most famous rock stars – Mötley Crüe, Guns N’Roses, Van Halen and The Doors, just to name a few.


Jim Morrison was the “House Band” with The Doors and used to play daily back in the sixties at the Whiskey a gogo, the same bar where Frank Zappa met his wife, the same place where “go go” dancing was actually born. Hosting bands such as Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, and giving musicians the chance to perform nowadays too, “the Whiskey” is still today one of the most important places for rock music lovers.


Also worth a visit is the in 1959 built Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Right in front of the building music lovers will find John Lennon’s star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.


By the way, click here to be part of my trip through California last month and get to know even more cool hotspots like the November Rain church or the best record store in the world!

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is well known as the grunge music hotspot. This scene started there back in the early nineties, which led to a change in the world of rock, pushing Hair Metal to the background.

One of world’s most known grunge bands was Nirvana. Fans should go and visit the Kurt Cobain memorial, which isn’t an official one. It’s the Viretta Park – no monuments can be found there, only some benches and a beautiful park. But if you looks closer, you will find lyrics, pictures and more in honor of Kurt Cobain near the benches. This park has become the unofficial memorial of Nirvana’s frontman, as he used to live in a house on the right side of the park.


One of the world’s most famous guitar-players was from Seattle too, namely Jimi Hendrix! Even nowadays people traveling through Seattle will be able to take a selfie with him (kind of). There is a bronze statue of guitar God Jimi Hendrix on Capitol Hill near downtown Seattle. It is located on the east side of Broadway north of the intersection with Pike Street.

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is one of the most important cities when it comes to music. So no wonder it is well known as “Music City” USA. The city is especially famous for being the capital of country music. When in town, music lovers should visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. It was established in 1961 and contains one of the worlds biggest music collections with more than 2 million items.

Another must-see for music lovers is the so called “The Home of a Thousand Hits” Studio B. This was Elvis Presley’s favorite place to record his tracks.


Get to know the Man In Black, aka Johnny Cash, better in “The Johnny Cash Museum”. Here you can find personal and professional items of worlds most charismatic Country and Rock’n’Roll musician of all time.

Furthermore, live music is basically everywhere – people can for example enjoy a Songwriters-In-The-Round Show. It is known as the “Writers Night”, where songwriters are put in the spotlight and get the chance to perform their songs. There will be several musicians on stage typically only with a microphone and a guitar in several small clubs in Nashville, like for example at the “The Bluebird Cafe” and “The Listening Room Cafe”.

London, United Kingdom

The Rolling Stones or The Beatles? Both! There’s no place like London – especially when it comes to the roots of rock music.

Stones fans should enjoy a beer at the Flamingo Club, which is now called O’Neill’s pub in Wardour Street. This is the place where Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts and Ian Stewart played their first full concert together. It was the 14th January 1963. Also visiting Hyde Park is a walk through history. The Rolling Stones performed a huge free concert on 5th July 1969, only two days after Brian Jones death. For people who love music AND food, Bill Wyman’s “Sticky Fingers” diner is the place to go! Good food, good music, good times!


Besides visiting the legendary Abbey Road crossing and Abbey Road Studio and causing long traffic jams and aggressive car drivers while crossing the road and having someone shoot a picture. All Beatles fans should visit the “British Library”. This may seem a little strange but some rare items like lyrics and manuscripts from John Lennon are displayed and can be viewed there. Top tip: Entry is free!


Canning Highway, Australia

„No stop signs… speed limits… nobody gonna slow me down.“ – do these lines sound familiar? For a real rock music lover they do for sure! The legendary AC/DC song is written about Canning Highway in Australia. This road was nicknamed as the “Highway To Hell”. It started due to the fact former singer of the band Bon Scott used to live in Fremantle and ends at “The Raffles” which is a bar, famous for being a Rock’n’Roll meeting and drinking place in the seventies.

The “Highway To Hell” got its name for a sad reason. Many people lost their lives by driving too fast over that intersection at the top of the hill, just wanting to have fun and a good time. „Ain’t nothing I would rather do. Going down, party time, my friends are gonna be there too.“ – Bon knew that he wouldn’t be alone after driving on the “Highway To Hell”, way down to “The Raffles”.


Combined with a great vacation in Australia, this is a pilgrim-place for those who love to rock. People can experience this feeling of being on one of world’s most famous streets. Pirate-advice: People should put on some AC/DC and play it loud!


So what are you waiting for? 😉 Grab your tickets and go travel the world and discover all these wonderful places a real rocker should see! I paid less then 200€ for my flights to Los Angeles and back – obviously booked through!;)

Your Ornella.
Long live Rock’n’Roll!

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